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Aluminum truss is a important structural material for event stages, It plays a main role in the truss works. Above all, safety comes first in all around a event, especially for the stage, thus the quality of the truss is the key point. Why in these days, more and more event organizers and truss rental companies choose aluminium truss rather than iron truss? Here, I gathered some information and summarized its advantages in following aspects :

1. Aluminum truss has excellent corrosion resistance and durability

Comparing with the traditional stage material such as iron, aluminum truss is made of 6061-T6 industrial aluminum material, which has excellent anti-corrosion characteristics, and the service life is much longer than that of iron truss. In general, aluminum a set of truss system can be used for about 10 to 20 years.

2. Aluminum truss has excellent compression capacity

The aluminum truss itself is well-made, and its load-bearing and compression resistance is very good. The average aluminum truss can bear more than 600kg. It can fully meet the needs of large-scale lighting and sound equipment such as various performance stage construction and celebration stage construction. Also, it can be customized design and manufactured into any truss types those truss company prefer, such as roof truss, circular truss, heart truss, dome truss, and etc.

3. Aluminum truss has good quality and it is light weight

Aluminum truss is made of aluminium ally, it is half lighter than the traditional iron truss, which reduces the burden for the stage builders who rely on manual work, so that the stage hoisting and stage erecting process and transportation shall save much cost and labor in the stage projects.

4. Aluminum truss has silver white color

Usually, Aluminum truss is used for concerts,wedding ceremony, indoor parties, events, gatherings and functions, which people shall take part in are very picky on the aesthetic feeling, comparing brown and gray iron, Aluminum truss looks more modern stylish with its silver white color and smooth simple shape.

Trussed Tower – Overview, Applications, vs. Lattice Framework
Based on a triangular shape, a truss tower is a structure designed to support heavy loads. Steel truss towers provide the large majority of tower installs today. Many years ago wood truss towers saw common use but have since been surpassed by their steel counterparts. In this article, you will learn what a trussed tower is, trussed tower applications, and the differences between a trussed tower and a lattice framework.

What Is A Trussed Tower?

A trussed tower is a freestanding vertical structure used to support heavy loads. The building traditionally has three sides. In some cases and applications, there are four sides. Compared to other support structures, a trussed tower needs fewer materials to carry heavy loads. It thus makes for an efficient and practical choice for engineers.

There are three essential elements of a trussed tower. These are the lower horizontal chord, the upper horizontal chord, and the bracing between the chords. The lower flat and upper horizontal chords carry tension and compression, respectively. The bracing opposes shear force. The truss web provides sloped and vertical segments that connect the chords. Additionally, the chords also stabilize each other.

Trussed Tower Applications

Different applications have different designs and standards. This difference lies in weight load capacity and environmental factors.

Electrical Transmission Towers

A transmission tower, also known as an electricity pylon, is a tall structure that supports an overhead power line. The more cost application is high-voltage transmission lines that transfer bulk electric power from producing units to electrical substations. These towers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Typical height ranges from 15 to 55 m (49 to 180 ft). In addition to steel, other materials such as concrete and wood may be employed.

Lower-voltage sub-transmission and distribution lines that transmit power from substations to electric customers usually use traditional circular utility poles constructed from wood.

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